Angel Insight Coaching

by Michelle Sleight

A Helping Hand for Healing Hearts

Ask yourself this....

What If you can have everything you desire and no longer be held to ransom by the darkness, the loneliness, and the fear?

Anxiety, distress, or trauma? Watch this video below and discover a permanent solution that works, without needing to spend years struggling or in confronting, unsuccessful attempts to make it all stop …

Stop focusing on what you don’t want …
…instead follow a proven, safe pathway to live the life you want.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

Be Aware, Prepared and Take Care of Yourself: I’ve written a book, to serve as a resource about sexual assault. To find the answers you need…

Domestic Violence:

I’ve worked with men and women who find themselves facing the reality of domestic violence and all the connotations that go with that. If you want to heal and have a life of peace and happiness with loving respectful relationships…

Injuries and the Workcover System:

Losing my ability to earn a living or perform the basic tasks like feeding myself was terrifying. It shattered my identity and l was left adrift at the mercy of the Work Cover system and prejudices that depletes hope and future direction. I know the pathway back to finding ones-self, taking back control of my life, and building a happy fulfilling rewarding empowered life around permanent injuries. If you want a more empowered outcome…



I know the challenges those who chose to make a complaint and go to court face within the criminal justice system. Many without a voice have been eaten up and spat out left feeling battered and disempowered. I set a legal precedent because I had a voice and was able to help others hear and understand what I was saying, and making the process, despite the outcome, work for me. If you’d like to know more about how your court journey could empower you…

When you schedule your free chat to map your personal pathway to peace and happiness, Michelle will:

  • Identify why it feels like life is a struggle no matter what you do.
  • Identify how to create happiness, peace, and security, and what’s stopping you from achieving this.
  • Show you how to stop living the life you don’t want, and follow a proven, safe pathway to live the life you do want.
Masters Qualifications and certified registrations

Client Story

After a childhood and early adulthood full of traumas such as domestic violence, sexual assault, drug addiction, and more, I thought I would never mentally be able to recover. I have spent the last couple of years constantly searching for ways to numb myself of the pain, make myself feel like I was being true and good to myself and others, but little did I know I was slowly killing myself mentally and physically, while also negatively affecting others around me.

Before my last trip to rehab, I fell into a deep dark hole of depression as I was drowning myself in thoughts about my sexual assault and how I could fix the situation, make law enforcement respond to the situation quicker, and spread my message. As I was torturing myself doing so, I was searching for people with possibly a bigger voice who could help me and that is when I stumbled upon Michelle. I met Michelle at one of the absolute lowest points of my life… majorly depressed, underweight, using drugs, sleep deprived, and just lost. I did not ask Michelle to help me, she insisted. When I became clean and sober and clear minded, she was right there my first day out to start our trial therapy. Michelle asked me if I wanted to accept her guidance and help, and that acceptance has completely saved my life.

Unlike anyone I have talked with before, Michelle digs deep into the trauma in and ever so gentle, careful, and effective way. She is determined to coach her clients into believing in themselves as they so rightfully deserve. She has believed in me since day one, and I can proudly say I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life thanks to Michelle’s guidance.
Abigail M. Call
Delaware - July 2020

Abi was able to get Police to arrest the rapists and has a court date 2021